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Asbestos Self Sampling Kits

Bradley Environmental Asbestos Self Sampling Kits are the fastest and most cost effective way for anyone to test for the presence of asbestos within any material.

Its easier than you think

Each Asbestos Self Sampling Kit comes complete with everything you need to protect yourself for safely taking samples of suspected asbestos materials including full step by step instructions and all the packaging needed for you to send your samples for testing to our own in-house UKAS accredited laboratory.

Single kit purchase

Placing an order for your Asbestos Self Sampling Kit is really simple. Just select the number of samples you want tested below, click the Buy Now button and complete the checkout process. You don't even need a PayPal account!

Select number of samples below

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Account customer purchase

Asbestos Self Sampling Kit from £25.00 + £6.50 per sample tested*

*Available for account customers only and subject to a minimum monthly spend.

Please contact us for more information.

What do you get in the Asbestos Self Sampling Kit?asbestos sample testing kit asbestos testing sample kits

  • Simple step by step instructions
  • Disposable FFP3 fold flat face mask
  • Disposable coveralls
  • Pair of disposable gloves
  • Cleaning wipes to ensure tools are clean after sampling
  • Labelled grip lock polythene sample bags
  • Packaging to return sample(s) for analysis
  • Sample submission return form
  • All UKAS asbestos testing laboratory fees are included in the price

What samples can I take?

Your Asbestos Self Sampling Kit enables you to safely take a sample(s) from a material you suspect may contain asbestos including:

What does asbestos look like? Click here to learn more.

Need advice first?

We are always happy to help answer any of your questions or concerns. If you are not sure about anything then please either email us at or call us on 0121 550 0224 for some friendly no obligation advice.

Need asbestos sample testing only?

Click here to find out more.

What do our customers say?

Case Study - Click here

"Excellent product and very (very) easy to use. I had my results back the day after I sent the samples off to the lab" - Phil Newell - AMP Fire and Security

"I tried a kit to see what I would receive now all my 15 engineers have one each. Excellent service and a quality product" - John Bowd - IP Installation

"Does as is advertised, I took 3 samples, sent them off in the packaging provided, results came back the next day. Great stuff" - Homeowner, Halesowen

"Quality product, all packaging is provided, easy to follow instructions. Takes minutes" - Adam Farris - Building Surveyor

"Professional, helpful, speedy service. Wouldn't hesitate to use you again." - Chris Moore - panicked home owner.

"Thank you! Samples sent on Tuesday, report back Wednesday afternoon". - Mrs S Poole.

"First class service, easy to use and a really speedy response. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service." - Andrew, Stourbridge.

"Can you please thank Louise for me. She was very helpful and and left me feeling reassured" - Adam Wright, Coventry

In addition to our in-house testing services, we can also come out to you and take suspected asbestos samples on your behalf.

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