bradley environmental 25 year anniversary skydive justgivingSix very brave staff from our Wakefield office have just completed and survived a Tandem Sky Dive to raise awareness for various different lung conditions, including Mesothelioma and Asbestosis which are caused by prolonged exposure to Asbestos Fibres.

Our chosen charity for this death defying stunt is The British Lung Foundation.

All six were securely harnessed to experienced instructors before take-off and climbed to around 10,000ft. When the green exit light came on it was time to take a couple of deep breaths and then JUMP!! 

Once in freefall, they all accelerated to speeds in excess of 120mph and covered 5,000ft in approximately 30 seconds before the instructors opened the main parachute.

Once the parachutes opened each person had a few minutes of floating back to earth before landing with a gentle OUCH!!

Those taking part included Emily Dykes, Kevin Towers, Matt Bulman, Karen Steer, Jane Flegg, and Dave Maddison.

Well done to you all!!

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Bradley Environmental maintains UKAS accreditations for asbestos surveying, asbestos fibre air monitoring and asbestos bulk testing. Each office contains a UKAS accredited bulk asbestos identification laboratory capable of handling hundreds of asbestos samples a day.

Our bespoke Safety Assured Scheme has been developed to offer customers a tailored Health and Safety compliance solution to fit their needs, enabling them to operate their businesses successfully and safely.


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