Asbestos fibres have been added to thousands of different product types which we will be having a look at each month in our 'Asbestos Product Spotlight'.

Asbestos fibres can be released through impact, wear, weathering, and ageing, as well as when being worked on. If inhaled, these fibres can lead to serious and incurable conditions and diseases. Keeping asbestos in good condition (including having any work done by properly-trained people), will reduce the risk of inhaling asbestos fibres.

Asbestos Textured Coatings:

  • Are often (and, often, incorrectly) referred to as “Artex”;
  • Usually contains around 5% chrysotile (“white”) asbestos fibres;
  • Used as a decorative covering on ceilings and / or walls;
  • Fibres are generally well-bonded into the material;
  • Are generally low-risk.

Most textured coatings need little more attention than keeping a periodic eye on them. However, water leaks, flaking, or proposed installation of new light fittings or smoke detectors for example, will require greater management.

If you plan to carry out construction or maintenance work at your property, which is likely to disturb the textured coating, you may require a refurbishment asbestos survey including sampling of the coating to check if it contains asbestos. Textured coatings can also be tested with an asbestos self-sampling kit

artex  artex

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