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During the current unknown times of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, there is a need to understand how to work safely and protect your employees and 3rd parties (such as your customers, visitors and external contractors) from contracting or spreading coronavirus.

There is still a duty for all employers to manage risks in the workplace, Health and Safety legislation still applies. Your Coronavirus risk assessment is about the control of infection and will be different to a typical workplace risk assessment you are probably used to.

To write your coronavirus risk assessment you will need to understand:

  • Where your employees could be exposed to persons with coronavirus symptoms which result in a potential airborne risk (inhalable)
  • Where your employees could be exposed to surfaces that might be contaminated with coronavirus (hand contact)
  • Activities your employees do that might result in them touching their eyes, nose or mouth during the course of their work
  • How the actions of your employees or your business might result in airborne or surface contamination, that could spread coronavirus to 3rd parties not in your employment (typically your customers or public in the near vicinity of your work).

What could happen if I do not implement safety measures?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have the power to impose enforcement actions on businesses which they consider to be falling short of introducing suitable measures to address the risk of COVID-19. Such enforcement actions range from simply providing advice, serving notice on duty holders, issuing cautions or even carrying out prosecutions in some circumstances. If you’ve broken the law, you will have to pay for the time it takes the Health & Safety Executive to help you put things right. This is called a ‘fee for intervention’ (FFI). 

Need Help with your Coronavirus Risk Assessment?

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