Following routine inspection, cleaning and disinfection of the water tank is recommended when there is visible evidence of sediment, biofilm, flora growth, stagnant water animal contamination and corrosion.


Our cleaning and disinfection services are carried out in accordance with ACoP L8. Paragraph 190 states: "The risk from exposure to Legionella should be prevented or controlled; precautions include keeping the system and the water in it clean."

How we can help you

A qualified and experienced engineer will visit your site and initially conduct an assessment to identify any additional health and safety precautions required.

  • The cold water storage tank and any pump sets will be isolated and the tank will be fully drained. All assets and pipe work will be chemically cleaned using silver based hydrogen peroxide or alternative chemicals such as chlorine and bio/oil dispersants where applicable.
  • We will measure chemical levels at every outlet to ensure successful disinfection.
  • Further tests will be carried out for TVC, e-coli, coliform and Legionella by a UKAS accredited laboratory.
  • Finally, the engineer will Issue a certificate of disinfection and sample results for your logbook.

OK, I'm interested what do I do next?

For more information on the Legionella and Water Hygiene Risk Assessment services we provide, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact Us box below.

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