Manual Handling and Safe Lifting Awareness E-Learning

The Manual Handling Operations regulations 1992 requires all employers’ to ensure that their employees are provided with adequate information and suitable training on manual handling at work relevant to the job undertaken by them. 

As the employer it is up to you as to how this training is provided. This online E-Learning Manual Handling course is intended to fulfil this legal requirement, and to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe whilst carrying out their roles at work.


This Manual Handling course provides delegates with an understanding of the basic principles of health and safety at work, and to ensure that employees are able to lift objects safely without risk of injury, with particular focus on their responsibilities as individuals.

Any employee who is required to manually lift, carry, push or pull any load in the workplace.

Course content

  • Definition of manual handling
  • The manual handling problem
  • Manual handling law
  • Avoiding manual handlingHealth and Safety Courses Online
  • Reducing risks from manual handling
  • Manual handling risk factors – task, individual, load and environment
  • Structure, function and anatomy of the spine
  • Common manual handling injuries
  • Advice for sufferers of back pain
  • Safe lifting technique
  • Safe pushing/pulling technique
  • End of course assessment


Once the course has been completed, a confirmation of results can be printed or saved as proof of completion. This can then be kept on record or in personal files as evidence of suitable training.

How to book

Course Duration: Approximately 30 mins.

Price: £15.00 per person

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