Recently we received a very lovely letter from a family in Manchester who were so moved by one of our staff's actions that they wanted to express their gratitude, one of our staff members went above and beyond to ensure the family were reunited with their possessions.

Bradley Environmental were asked to perform a survey at a property in Manchester, (The home of the family‚Äôs parents for 63 years until their father died, last September).

The letter reads...

"We had cleared the house totally, or so we had thought. During that process we had been unable to find a gold watch given to my father and engraved by ICI to commemorate his 30 years' service to the company. We had to assume that it had somehow been lost but because it was of great sentimental value, we were saddened by this as my mother had enjoyed wearing it and was rarely seen without it. My father and mother had both expressed their wish that I should be given it and pass it on in due course to our daughters.

Last night I received a phone call from our minister's wife, informing me that Mark, an employee of Bradley Environmental had found this watch whilst doing work in my parents' former home. My father, ever cautious, had hidden it on top of a door frame in its original box.

Mark had not only retrieved the watch for safe keeping, with the knowledge of his colleagues, but had then researched the family name which was engraved on the watch on the Internet, until he had found a connection via some research my sister-in-law had undertaken regarding the First World War. He had then taken the trouble to contact our minister at church and through that lengthy process had found me. He arranged finally for his wife to send the watch to me within twenty four hours.

We are all delighted that such a sentimental item from our family history has been found. We want to record our gratitude to Mark for his honesty, care and understanding and for the trouble he has taken to reunite this item with its owners. Such integrity in an employee of your firm is praiseworthy. We feel that Bradley Environmental Consultants is fortunate to have Mark as a trainee"

We are so happy that the Manchester family were reunited with their sentimental item, and we are delighted to have Mark as an employee at Bradley Environmental

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