Using an independent, experienced and knowledgeable Project Manager from Bradley Environmental Consultants will help to ensure that your asbestos removal and abatement projects are completed to specification, on time, within budget and to the highest standards.

Our project teams can manage all types and sizes of asbestos works, whether complicated or small and simple. It is essential that your project is completed in the correct manner, not only so that the works are finished on time and to the correct standard but to ensure that the works are completed with the appropriate safeguards.

Our Asbestos Removal and Project Management Services are provided across the UK from our offices in Birmingham, Wakefield, Blackpool, Livingston and St Asaph (North Wales).

Projects that involve potentially working with asbestos are often out of the comfort zone of the client and main works that are being undertaken. Whether it is the refurbishment of an area, demolition or a stand-alone piece of work, the path to full compliance with asbestos legislation can be daunting. Understanding and undertaking your legal duties can be an equally daunting task, let alone the small matter of getting the right job done for the right price in the right time scale.

Asbestos Removal Project Management can save you time and money in addition to making sure you are fully compliant with the control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Asbestos - where does it hide?

What does our Asbestos Project Management Service include?

Independent Asbestos Project Consultation & Advice

Bradley Environmental doesn't undertake asbestos removal works inhouse, which unlike other companies, allows us to give you totally independent, impartial advice and assistance for any asbestos project, no matter how big and complicated.

Dedicated Experience & Qualified Project Manager

From start to finish, we provide a dedicated Asbestos Project Manager to be your main point of contact to guide you through your asbestos removal project.

Detailed Works Specification

Your Asbestos project Manager can provide a number of support services including; writing specification documents for asbestos removal, assist with the procurement of Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARC), manage the asbestos removal process, and audit contractors and works conducted.

Approved Asbestos Contractors Framework

Bradley Environmental has its own approved independent licensed asbestos removal contractors framework. We only use tried and tested companies who meet our stringent requirements, this means that we work with some of the UKs leading licensed asbestos remedial contractors.

Multiple Cost Comparison

Our approved asbestos contractors provide their best timescales and costs to complete the works. We vet and scrutinise the quotations to ensure everything has been allowed for. We will advise who, in our opinion, is best placed to complete your project on time and within budget.

Full Time Air Monitoring

We will provide full time asbestos air monitoring throughout the asbestos removal project. Asbestos air monitoring assesses the concentration of airborne asbestos fibre levels that may have been generated by the asbestos removal process affecting the surrounding air.

We offer a full range of asbestos air testing services that can be performed on site, including:

  • Four stage asbestos clearance testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide) including work area/enclosure visual examination, clearance indicator air test, reassurance air testing and decontamination unit reassurance air testing as required
  • Reassurance air testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)
  • Leak air testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)
  • Background air testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)
  • Personal air testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)
  • Boundary monitoring during remediation of external ground contamination to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)

Project Completion Pack

Once your project has been completed, we will provide a completion pack which acts as the project health and safety file, including all records pertaining to the asbestos removal work. We can even update the asbestos survey report and asbestos register to reflect the works that have been carried out. The project completion pack is usually delivered within 10 days of project completion.

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