The required level of monitoring will depend on the plant and water services at the site.

Bradley Environmental can tailor programmes for the management of legionella to suit the property type and size.

Typically, a small to medium office or factory with simple domestic welfare facilities may require monthly monitoring of water temperatures as well as periodic inspections of cold water storage tanks and an annual review of the management programme. In addition, water services that are used infrequently would need to be flushed weekly.

In situations where water is used in a process or a cooling tower or evaporative condenser is in operation more frequent and in-depth monitoring would be required.

Need a legionella risk assessment on your property?

Our legionella risk assessments have been developed in accordance with the guidelines and recommended practices issued by the UK Health & Safety Executive L8 and the health and Safety Commission (HSC).

The legionella and water risk assessment will have a significant impact on reducing liability should any problems occur.

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