TEAMS is our asbestos management system, built on the web, provided freely when you use our range of asbestos management services.

Unlike most asbestos management systems, TEAMS is hosted online. You can track your asbestos risks from cradle to grave, access your data and survey reports, photographs of items and building plans all in real-time. It’s simple, accurate and transparent.

TEAMS offers everything from interactive live asbestos survey reports of your sites through to air test certificates and bulk analysis reports in one convenient client-branded area. With specially designed screens, clear navigation and extensive search and filtering tools, the client, assigned partners or contractors can access the information they need anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of TEAMS:

Free to use for our asbestos clients

Zero running costs and unlimited user licences.

Compliance overview

Specifically crafted graphs pull together key information from around the portal to provide a high level viewing panel for clients concerned with managing risk and compliance.

Manage assets by risk

Included are 'quick links' to the latest survey report for each individual site, latest bulk sample reports, links to the interactive survey views, as well as access to any additional 3rd party site documents stored on the portal.

Real-time project reporting and breakdown

As work moves through TEAMS, from scheduling to onsite work, from analysis through to final approval, a 'status' is updated automatically against each site letting your clients see immediately at what stage in the process each individual site is currently at.

Survey explorer

Online access to survey reports and air test certificates is a useful facility, but only goes so far when specific information from within the report is required. The TEAMS web portal addresses this client need by offering interactive options and tools alongside the standard static reports.

Opening the survey reports in interactive mode exposes the live information from within the report in an expandable hierarchy:

  • building-by-building
  • floor-by-floor
  • room-by-room

As well as by location, you can also navigate surveys by risk and by recommended action.

Portal activity logging and auditing

Whenever clients or clients' sub-contractors access the portal, open reports and view information, these 'events' and related activity are tracked and recorded.

This allows you to interrogate this log to confirm the relevent staff have read (or not read) asbestos reports before attending sites or starting site works.

Extensive search and filtering tools

Data stored by address, UPRN or project name.

Easy exports

Simple, fast, easy data export options.

Ensure compliance

In addition to the above, TEAMS also allows the client to manage and store electronic documents that are associated with on-going Health and Safety complaince such as Legionella Risk Assessments and Fire Safety Risk Assessments.

OK, I'm interested what do I do next?

Our TEAMS asbestos management system is available to all our clients as a FREE service with our asbestos management services..

For more information on the services we provide, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact Us box below.

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