Our Asbestos Self Sampling Kits are a safe, fast and cost effective way for you to take samples of a material you suspect may contain asbestos and get it tested quickly. The kits are suitable for both commercial and domestic customers concerned about asbestos being present in their property, and all samples are tested at our own in-house UKAS lab.

Each kit comes complete with personal protective equipment for safely taking samples, easy to follow instructions and return packaging. Your official certificate of results will usually be available within 24 hours of samples being received. All orders placed before 3pm are dispatched the same working day and includes FREE delivery and FREE return postage (UK only). Please note that the below cost options exclude VAT.

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*Please note - Each testing kit will produce a single results certificate refering to each sample analysed. Ensure that each sample is uniquely referenced on our sample submission form*

What do you get in the Asbestos Self Sampling Kit?

  • Detailed, easy to follow step by step instructions
  • Disposable FFP3 fold flat face mask
  • Disposable coveralls
  • Pair of disposable gloves
  • Cleaning wipes to ensure tools are clean after sampling
  • Labelled grip lock polythene sample bags
  • Packaging to return sample(s) for analysis
  • Sample submission form
  • All UKAS asbestos testing laboratory fees are included in the price

Please note that each kit only contains enough return packaging to safely send back all sample(s) at the same time. Unused sample credits cannot be carried over.

What samples can I take?

The kit enables you to safely take a sample(s) from a material you suspect may contain asbestos including:

  • textured coatings (Artex)
  • corrugated cement roofs and asbestos sheets
  • roof tiles
  • walls and boards
  • thermoplastic floor tiles and their adhesive backings
  • vinyl floor coverings and their adhesive backings
  • wall boards and HVAC lining panels
  • soffit, fascia and rainwater goods
  • external cladding panels
  • boiler flues and water tanks
  • and window sills to name but a few...

*Please note – Our Laboratories are not accredited to undertake analysis for asbestos fibres in soil samples. We cannot offer refunds if soil samples are sent to us as disposal costs apply.*

How to use an Asbestos Self Sampling Kit

Watch our step by step video guide below!

Asbestos - Where it hides and what it looks like

Need advice first?

Our in-house asbestos laboratory staff are always happy to help answer any of your questions or concerns. Please contact us either by email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0121 550 0224 for some friendly no obligation advice.

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