According to HSE ACoP L8 The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems, the assessment should be reviewed every 2 years and if there is reason to suspect that is no longer valid, for example:

  • Where there have been changes to plant, the water system or its use;
  • Where there have been changes to the use of the building;
  • Where new information about risk or control measures has become available;
  • Where monitoring indicates that control measures are no longer effective. 

Need a legionella risk assessment on your commercial property?

Please provide us with the following details:

         1. Geographical location of the premises (example: Birmingham)

         2. Number of rooms in the property (offices, warehouse etc)

         3. Number of floors and staircases

         4. Number of toilets, kitchens, wash rooms etc

A Legionella and water risk assessment is your first step towards compliance with the Health and Safety Executives Legionella approved code of practice and guidance document, ACOP L8.

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