An asbestos re-inspection survey is designed to allow the duty holder to monitor and record the condition of any previously identified asbestos products within a building.

Like any building material, asbestos-containing materials are also subject to potential damage and degradation. As an asbestos product degrades it can be more likely to become a hazard to health, therefore should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure its condition has not deteriorated.

For this type of re-inspection survey to be undertaken, an existing asbestos survey or asbestos register should be in place.

Asbestos re-inspection surveys are designed to allow a competent person to monitor and record the condition of any previously identified asbestos products within a non-domestic building.

What will the asbestos re-inspection report show me?

Your asbestos re-inspection survey report will:

  • Assess your current asbestos documentation and identify potential issues with the data or gaps.
  • Re-inspect your sites and update your asbestos records, identify any changes to your asbestos containing materials
  • Review your current control measures, documentation and asbestos management plan

What can we do to help?

Bradley Environmental can re-inspect any previously surveyed property and update the information, whether held electronically or as a hard copy. We will discuss your requirements and identify the frequency of visits and checks. Where necessary, we can handle discussions with the HSE on your behalf. This service can be offered over any period of time including a one, three, five or ten year period. The longer term options provide cost certainty and compliant information that protect your investment from the initial survey.

Should your existing asbestos containing materials be identified and deemed unsafe due to deterioration, our Asbestos Removal and Project Management Services team can help you choose and plan your next course of action to achieve compliance;

We have the experience where it counts

Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 states that the team carrying out the asbestos re-inspection survey must possess sufficient information, instruction and training to carry out the assessment. You need to ensure that the asbestos consultant you use is competent enough to trust with your asbestos risks so that you can be assured your team, building occupants and surrounding environment is protected from the harmful effects of asbestos.

What are my responsibilities?

If you are the duty holder, you are required to manage your asbestos risks in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012. Effectively managing your asbestos risks is imperative to protecting your building occupants,environment, and organisation from the risks of asbestos. Regular asbestos re-inspection surveys will ensure you remain compliant.

OK, I'm interested what do I do next?

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