Bradley Environmental is a respected provider of specialist advice on Asbestos. With over 25 years’ experience in the asbestos consultancy and removal industry, our experts are able to provide evidence in an extensive range of civil and criminal circumstances. Our particular strengths are in areas such as asbestos contamination, surveying standards, asbestos removal and asbestos legislation related issues.

Bradley Environmental’s staff undertaking expert witness duties are industry specialists. The service they provide to our clients and the duty they discharge to the court is based upon their specialist knowledge backed up by many years of industry experience.

Typical circumstances where we have provided expert witness services include:

  • Claim for costs in re-survey after initial surveys declared as inadequate
  • Claim for unnecessary and inflated remedial work after asbestos disturbance
  • Claim for loss of revenue because of inability to refurbish building after alleged inadequate asbestos abatement
  • Claim for alleged poor standard of asbestos removal leading to work needing to be repeated
  • Criminal defence against allegation of work contaminating a building

In many instances our experienced staff are not only required to provide expert evidence but also to undertake extensive on site investigations to either collect evidence in the first instance or to corroborate or refute evidence presented.

OK, I'm interested what do I do next?

If you believe your organisation needs a qualified Asbestos expert witness either to help as part of the investigation team or as an independent expert witness, please get in contact. Our friendly support team will ensure you speak to the right person privately and confidentially.

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