Previously known as a type 2 asbestos survey, the Asbestos Management Survey is a legal requirement for duty holders responsible for any non-domestic premises. This asbestos survey is a surface sampling survey, designed to identify all of the materials that could potentially be disturbed during normal occupancy of the building and will take into consideration the contextual use of the building i.e. if there is a lot of moving traffic from the building occupants such as in a retail building.

The Asbestos Management Survey will take into consideration light maintenance work (ie. changing light bulbs, checking above lowered suspended ceiling tiles, loft spaces, etc) but it is not a destructive/intrusive survey.

What can we do to help?

Asbestos Management Surveys will often involve minor intrusive work and some disturbance. The extent of intrusion will vary between premises and depend on what is reasonably practicable for individual properties. Following completion of your Asbestos Management Survey, you will be provided with a report detailing the location, condition and and type of any asbestos found within the building.

Our Asbestos Management Surveys will include a risk assessment of the condition of the various Asbestos Containing Materials found and their ability to release fibres into the air if they are disturbed in some way. This will give you a good initial guide to the priority for managing Asbestos Containing Materials as it will identify the materials that will most readily release airborne fibres if they are disturbed.

Asbestos Management Surveys will generally cover routine and simple maintenance work. However where more extensive maintenance or repair work is involved, a Pre-Refurbishment Asbestos Survey will be required.

We have the experience where it counts

We are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO 17020 for asbestos surveys. Our four in-house asbestos testing laboratories are accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025 for the analysis of bulk samples.

Our skilled team of asbestos surveyors are experienced in ensuring a smooth project delivery on site, with the promise of quick turnaround times on survey reporting due to our award-winning compliance management software, TEAMS. TEAMS access is provided free and given with all of our Asbestos Survey services, given you transparency in managing your asbestos risks.

What will the asbestos management survey report tell me?

Your asbestos management survey report will identify any asbestos containing materials, their location and condition.

Your asbestos management survey report will show you:

  • The location of asbestos containing materials, if any
  • The type of asbestos found
  • The condition of the asbestos containing materials
  • Recommended asbestos removal or remedial works

Should asbestos containing materials be identified in your asbestos management survey report, our Asbestos Project Management team can help you choose and plan your next course of action to achieve compliance;

What are my responsibilities?

If you are the duty holder, you are required to manage your asbestos risks in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR) 2012. Effectively managing your asbestos risks is imperative to protecting your building occupants, environment, and organisation from the risks of asbestos.

Our specialist asbestos management consultants can help you manage your asbestos risks providing asbestos management plans, documentation control systems, and performing policy reviews.

Asbestos in buildings

Below are key points you really need to know regarding Asbestos in Buildings:

  • Asbestos only becomes a problem once it’s disturbed and the fibres become airborne.
  • Any building built prior to year 2000 can contain asbestos
  • Non-domestic buildings must have an asbestos survey report and register. Asbestos materials identified in the building must be managed and the register updated regularly.
  • Preventing exposure to asbestos dust will protect against related illness and fatal diseases
  • If you own or are responsible for a commercial building and you fail to manage the asbestos correctly you could expose individuals to asbestos fibres resulting in a prosecution, unlimited fines and imprisonment.

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