hsAs many of us return to work, safety in the workplace is extremely important to protect our employees, clients and visitors.

As one of the leading Health and Safety Consultants in the UK, our expert team are here to help you navigate your way through the new Health and Safety challenges we are now facing due to Covid-19.

Risk Assessments
There is still a duty for all employers to manage risks in the workplace and Health and Safety legislation still applies. As an employer, you’re required by law to protect your employees, and others, from harm. We're able to help with both general and Covid-19 specific risk assessments for your workplace, providing all the advice necessary for a safe return to work for your employees.

Health and Safety Audits
Health and Safety Audits should be carried out on an annual basis and will provide you with a clear picture of performance in terms of Health and Safety Management.

Our bespoke Health and Safety Audits are a critical, in-depth examination of an organisation's Health and Safety Management System which can be very useful when establishing whether your current Health and Safety Management System is actually working and whether employees are observing Health and Safety practices at work.

What could happen if I do not implement safety measures?
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have the power to impose enforcement actions on businesses which they consider to be falling short of introducing suitable measures to address the risk of Covid-19. Such enforcement actions range from simply providing advice, serving notice on duty holders to issuing cautions or even carrying out prosecutions.

If you’re ready to start planning your back to business approach, or want to make sure your business compliant we are here to help. Just contact us below.

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