Legionella and Water Hygeine Risk AssessmentsWater hygiene experts warn that Legionella bacteria may pose a danger to people returning to their places of work. As COVID19 lockdown restrictions continue to lift in many parts of the country, people are tiptoeing back into everyday life. But people heading back to their places of work may face a new danger hidden within the buildings water systems.

Bradley Environmental are warning employers that a prolonged period of inactivity in buildings could spur the growth of Legionella. When water systems shut down, water becomes stagnant and chlorine and other disinfectants dissipate. When water isn’t in regular use, its temperature can range between 20 - 45 °C, which is an ideal breeding condition for bacteria.

Increased risk of Legionella in many workplaces

Since the lockdown period began at the end of March, many workplaces have been either shut completely or operating with minimal occupancy. The result of this, is that water consumption and turnover within buildings has been zero or greatly reduced, resulting in water being sat within pipework, water tanks and hot water heaters in warm conditions stagnating and providing an ideal environment for microbes, including Legionella to survive. An exposure to potentially infected water can result in people developing Legionnaires Disease or Pontiac Fever.

A risk assessment of water systems is needed

To avoid this risk and comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act and other legislation and guidance, the Duty Holder/Responsible Person(s) for businesses, must undertake a Legionella risk assessment of their water systems, to determine what actions may be required to ensure that ALL water systems are safe for normal use for when the building occupants return. We offer professional Legionella and Water Hygiene Risk Assessments and Legionella Testing to help businesses comply with current UK Health and Safety regulations.

We can help make your property safe

If the Duty Holder or Responsible Person(s) are not competent to assess the risk presented by their water systems, Bradley Environmental can assist in making sure your property is safe for business to resume. Ideally your existing Legionella Management Plan, will cover this requirement. However, for most businesses, who never have periods of non-use or low occupancy, it is unlikely this aspect will be covered in your management plan. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to find out how we can help you. We offer legionella testing and assessments across the country including West Midlands, Birmingham, East Midlands and across the rest of the UK. 

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