Safe Driving Awareness E-Learning

Health and Safety law requires that driving on company business is managed in exactly the same way as any other workplace health and safety hazard. Employers have the same duty of care to staff who drive their own vehicles whilst on company business as they do to company car drivers.


To protect drivers, the risks need to be assessed, and adequate control measures must be implemented. A key control measure is the provision of adequate information and suitable training to drivers. As the employer it is up to you as to how this training is provided. This online E-Learning Safe Driving Awareness course is intended to fulfil this legal requirement, and to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe whilst carrying out their roles at work.

Anyone who is required to drive on company business, either in their own or a company vehicle.

Course content

  • Penalties for unsafe drivingSafe Driving Awareness
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Weekly and pre-use vehicle checks
  • MOT, insurance and tax requirements
  • Journey planning
  • Safe driving tips:
  • Keep your distance
  • Queing Safely
  • Speed
  • Anticipation
  • Road marking and signsSafe Driving Awareness
  • Distractions, including mobile phones and sat navs
  • Parking
  • Motorway driving
  • Driving at night
  • Tiredness
  • Alcohol and medication
  • Breakdowns and accidents


Once the course has been completed, a confirmation of results can be printed or saved as proof of completion. This can then be kept on record or in personal files as evidence of suitable training.

How to book

Course Duration: Approximately 45 mins.

Price: £15.00 per person

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