UKATA Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Refresher - Private

This UKATA certified Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Refresher training course is designed for those that have already attended a one day non-licensed training course and may be undertaking non-licensed asbestos removal work, for example, removal of floor tiles or asbestos cement products.

This course will be task specific and build upon the existing knowledge from the initial Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal course.

Course content

  • Introduction to asbestos
  • Legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Selection, care and use of PPE and RPE
  • Prevention and reduction of exposure of employees to asbestos fibres
  • Control limits and air monitoring
  • Emergency procedures
  • Hygiene and decontamination procedures
  • Health effects of asbestos exposure
  • Safe working practices
  • Waste handling and disposal

Course Duration: 0.5 Day

Price: From £600.00 per course

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